6 Ways To Sleep Better

Here are simple ways for you to sleep better that Pegiay sends to you. Those are the ways you can do it tonight. Let’s explore together!

Regular Sleep According to a Certain Time Frame

Get in the habit of sleeping at the same time every day. For example, our sleep is 8 hours, then at 10 pm, we will sleep until 6 am tomorrow and repeat the same every day. For adults, Pegiay recommends sleeping more than 7 hours a day to ensure health.

Let’s subtract a little time, for example, we go to bed about 20 minutes before and then slowly fall asleep. So the reasonable time if you sleep for 8 hours at 22 o’clock, then at 21:40 you start going to bed is reasonable. Depending on your ability to fall asleep or slow down, you can adjust the deduction time that is reasonable for you.

Let’s relax so we can easily fall asleep. Melodies can help you. Pegiay would like to send you the Youtube channel “The Soul of Wind” with soothing music that can help you sleep better.

The Soul of Wind Youtube Channel

Pay Attention to Your Eating

Don’t use tobacco and coffee before going to bed. Nicotine in cigarettes and caffeine in coffee can make it hard to fall asleep, and it takes a few hours for the effects of these two substances to wear off. Alcohol in alcohol, if too much is also a factor that affects our sleep, maybe alcohol makes us feel sleepy, but when we use too much, it can cause problems. Side effects in the middle of the night such as nausea, headache …


Và đừng để bụng đói hoặc ăn quá no sát giờ đi ngủ nhé. Điều này sẽ gây ra cảm giác rất khó chịu.

Creating an Ideal Space to Sleep

An ideal room to sleep has three characteristics:

  • Quiet
  • Dark
  • Cool
    You don’t have to have a lot of money to create such a room. You can take a cool shower before going to bed to clear your mind so you can sleep better!

Mind Control

It’s hard to sleep when your mind is constantly worrying about the problems in your life. Practice how to control your thoughts and stress to get comfortable before bed. The habit of meditation can help you take better control of your mind.

Rethinking the “Nap”

If you nap too much then it can affect your main sleep at night. You can limit your nap to about 30 minutes or a little less. Remember that our main sleep is at night, so don’t nap too much but limit it and use it only for the purpose of staying awake for the afternoon session!

Exercise Regularly To Sleep Better

People who are physically active often sleep more deeply and are less sleepy during the day. The truth is that every day you just need to spend 10 minutes of light exercise like walking to help you sleep better.

Make it a habit to exercise regularly. It could be just a walk or maybe a little more vigorous exercise depending on you.


Those are the sharings for better sleep that you can make today. If you are having trouble sleeping, follow the steps above to improve your sleep, and if you are about to go to sleep, we wish you a good night.


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