Ha Hieu: What is True Happiness?

Hi! My name is Ha Hieu. CEO of Pegiay and also a 3D Artist, in addition, I know a lot of things related to art and movies.

You can see my artwork here. Here is a blog post sharing my thoughts about What is True Happiness? Just my own personal thoughts.

What is happiness?
Some say that having money will make you happy, some say that getting married to a beautiful wife and having good children will make you happy.
But by the time they achieve their dream, will they really see it as they imagined it to be?
Assuming only the rich are happy, are the poor unhappy?
Stop and look at life for a small moment like 5 or 10 minutes.
A lady selling lottery tickets, a worker, a lady selling bread. They still smile happily even though they don’t have many assets.
More simply a dog or a cat excited when you come home.
Those things don’t need a lot of money, do you still feel really happy?
Sometimes we run after fame, the illusion we create for ourselves to forget the real happiness.

It’s easy to say, but how can you be happy without money?
If you have a lot of money, I think you can only eat 3 meals a day, right?
If you have a lot of money, you will also have a bed of 1.7 meters, right?
Can you take the money you earned with you when you die?
If you have a lot of money, you will live to 70, 80 years old, right?
So is it really happiness or not?

How to make money and be happy?
Has anyone abandoned their dream since childhood and still have not fulfilled it?
I bet a lot of people leave it unfinished when they reach the age to get married and go to work.
It is a mistake to abandon one’s own dream to follow the lifestyle of society.
You can be successful with what you want to do.
Do it before you get married.
It will help you to have money and real happiness.

Summed :
Happiness is being present in this moment, not in the future you pursue.
Happiness is doing what you love,
Happiness is that we are not led by greed,
Happiness is living like normal people,
Happiness is having enough family of brothers, sisters, relatives, father, and mother.
Happiness is the present, not the future.
Happiness is when we feel that money is not everything.

Those are the thoughts I want to send to you.
Thanks for reading this thread.
Wish you are always happy every second of every minute present in this life.
Thank you to my friend Le Thanh Nam for accompanying me all this time.


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