Le Thanh Nam: Something About Life

Hello! My name is Le Thanh Nam. For Pegiay.vn, I am a business manager, in addition, I am an independent web designer and developer. I have my own website and you can visit my website. With this blog post in the section Happy Life, I would like to share a few things I have experienced that can make your life better and happier.

Simple Life is Wonderful

Nam chooses a simple life without too much waste material. Clothing, a place to rest, a computer for work, a car for commuting, food and drink, entertainment equipment. Just the essential things for life are enough for Nam. Nam finds that a less materialistic life makes us happier and reduces anxiety when we possess too much excess.

For example, it is easier to understand like when we have 3 cars and 3 cars all have problems, we have to solve it 3 times, but solving it 3 times means 3 times of anxiety, and when you have only 1 then you only have to worry about it once. Easy to understand right?

In addition, a simple lifestyle gives you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Have A Healthy Hobby And Keep It Long

Regarding hobbies, Nam chooses to play games. Nam has been playing the game for 22 years and still maintains it every day. Remember to choose healthy hobbies and enjoy them in moderation! When you maintain such a hobby, it always creates a living motivation for you and you will feel that every day has a new joy for you.

And also bragging a bit that Nam has completed quite a few games from the NES to the latest Play Station 5. According to rough estimates, Nam has broken more than 1500 of the best games on all systems. One more lesson: “Accumulating small to big” every day you do something regularly, after a while you have done something great, but sometimes you don’t even know it, just slow down. do it slowly and do it regularly.

Have a Purpose for Your Own Life

Don’t be a boat without a compass. Have a purpose in life and move forward on the path you want to go. Nam and his friend Ha Hieu founded Pegiay.vn with the aim of turning it into something far beyond the value of a sneaker retailer. In 2021, the raging Covid pandemic makes Pegiay.vn unable to operate, but I still wait for the opportunity to develop again and move on.

When we have a purpose in life, it makes our life more meaningful and fulfilling. We only live once and dare to live the life we want.

And those are the shares that make your friend’s life happier. If you haven’t dared to live the way you want to, do it and you will never regret it. Nam wishes you always a lot of health and remembers to always support Pegiay.vn!


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